Chocolate Chip Sundae Pie!

  I wanted to share a recipe that I made last week on a TV segment. It’s so good, and a perfect summer dessert to serve! Best of all, it’s super easy to make. You can make the cookie crusts ahead of time and freeze them, and top them at the last minute. Just make […]

The Good Karma Diet Blog Tour!

  Welcome to today’s tour stop of THE GOOD KARMA DIET! In her newest book, Victoria Moran goes beyond restrictive diet plans and obsessive calorie counting to explore how simply being more mindful of the world around us is the best diet there is. How awesome is that? Unlike most diet books out there, THE […]

My Best Vegan Cheese Sauce + Instant Clearjel Part Two

I realized recently that I hadn’t written another blog post on other ways to use Instant Clearjel, or shared my favorite variation of the cheezy sauce. The last recipe was really an adaption of a recipe in my book Vegan Casseroles, using Instant Clearjel as the sole thickener. I wanted to share that recipe since it could be […]