My Best Vegan Cheese Sauce + Instant Clearjel Part Two

I realized recently that I hadn’t written another blog post on other ways to use Instant Clearjel, or shared my favorite variation of the cheezy sauce. The last recipe was really an adaption of a recipe in my book Vegan Casseroles, using Instant Clearjel as the sole thickener. I wanted to share that recipe since it could be […]

Nutrition CHAMPS Blog Tour

I’m so excited to be part of Jill Nussinow’s new book tour for Nutrition CHAMPS! Jill isn’t called the Veggie Queen for nothing. She is truly queen of healthy, vegetable-based recipes (as well as the queen of pressure cooking too).  As part of Jill’s virtual book tour, her assistant Sara Turnasella has written a guest post about […]

The Best Homemade Chili Powder!

  Sometimes it’s so easy to just buy spice blends at the store, especially when it’s something as simple as chili powder. And even though I make so much of our food from scratch, chili powder was one of the things that I often bought. That is until I discovered the amazing depth of flavor […]