Homemade Crackers

With such a busy work schedule these days, I’ve been finding myself revisiting recipes on Everyday Dish. These crackers are one of my favorites. In fact, early this year, I was interviewed by Martha Stewart radio about making these crackers. They are super easy to do. You can customize them according to your own tastes too, although the rosemary garlic sea salt combo is awesome (if I must say so myself). I also love not having to buy everything pre-made and pre-fab at the store. There’s just a few ingredients involved, they cost just pennies to make, and you get some bragging rights in the process. Did I mention that it’s a great project to do with kids too?

The recipe and video are on Everyday Dish (click here). Now, can’t you just imagine serving homemade crackers to go with your homemade sausages? That would definitely make for a memorable appetizer spread on Thanksgiving or at your next holiday party. If you want we can even kick it up a little more, with some homemade mustard or cranberry chutney too. The possibilities are endless!

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