Fluffy Whipped Topping

Yes, you read that right. A non-dairy, vegan whipped topping. It’s also low in fat (if not fat-free), and tastes great! We just put up a new segment on how to make this, exclusively for Everyday Dish subscribers. I have been wanting to share this recipe for a long time! The link is here

The recipe does use a specialty ingredient, which is Versawhip 600K. It’s really quite an amazing ingredient, and a lot of fun to play with. The reason that it’s so cool is because it allows you to whip liquids into fluff and foam, without a drop of fat. Actually, you can’t use any fat with it because it will make the fluff deflate. I use Versawhip 600K when I make marshmallows, meringues, marshmallow cream and any other foam based dishes.

The one caveat of Versawhip is that the fluff or foam starts to deflate within about 15 minutes. Not a problem if you plan to make it right before serving. Otherwise you can throw it back in the mixer and whip it right up again. This is why you wouldn’t want to frost a cake it with it though.

If you’re looking to order the Versawhip online (which is where I get mine), check out L’Epicerie. They usually have the best price, and are super nice as well. Make sure to order the 600K, which is vegan. One or two of the other Versawhip products do contain gelatin, which is why you want to specify the 600K. It’s a bit on the spendy side, but you only use a tablespoon or two for most recipes, so 1 pound can last quite a while.

I hope you all love this recipe as much as I do. Oh, and I highly recommend serving it with this chocolate cake or some fresh berries. Now, what are you waiting for? Go make yourself some fluffy whipped topping!

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