A So Delicious Nog

Wow, are you guys in for a treat! I was recently asked if I would try the new holiday nogs from the great folks at Turtle Mountain and So Delicious, and am I happy I did! I adore nog, and wait patiently every year for the nogs to hit the shelves. It was no different when I was young, anxiously counting down the months until my mom would come home with a big carton of that thick, rich nutmeg flavored goodness. Pretty funny for a Jewish girl. Fortunately this love of all things nog didn’t skip a generation, because my kids love it too. Of course, we’ve transitioned from the dairy variety to soy and now to coconut!

So Delicious does not disappoint with their new line of coconut beverages, which are just as creamy and delicious as you’d expect. Plus, it comes in two flavors, traditional nog and chocolate mint. It was love at first sip!

Did I mention that they also offer recipes on the side of the carton? They do, and I am dying to try my hand at the French Toast. That is, if I have any left after making up a batch of homemade pudding with it. Can’t you just imagine how good tapioca or rice pudding would be? Or pancakes. Or maybe even ice cream. Oh, and it’s great in coffee too. I stirred some of the nog into my coffee this morning, and it was delicious!

So keep your eyes open for these delicious new coconut beverages from So Delicious. You’ll be glad you did. Now, if I could only convince them to make this year-round; )

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