Homemade Nut Butters

Are any of you as crazy for nut butters as I am? I’ve been having a lot of fun creating different nut butter combinations, which take the old P B & J sandwich too all new heights. Seriously!

I recently filmed a TV segment for More Good Day Oregon (which aired this morning), and we made nut butters! We made four, a smoky garlic almond butter, a curried peanut raisin butter, cinnamon pecan butter and chocolate hazelnut butter. They were all so good, and so incredibly easy to make.

I’m going to give you my basic outline recipe, which you can then use to make any combo you like. I love to do a savory and sweet twist, which then makes totally unique and delicious sandwiches, or you can serve it up as a dip for fresh vegetables, spread it on crostini (and top with grilled veggies, chopped tomatoes or fresh basil leaves), or toss with cooked thin rice noodles (like the pad Thai variety). I’m telling you, this stuff takes gourmet to a whole new level.

If you are really short on time, or don’t have a food processor or strong blender, you can totally cheat and start with a jar of nut butter (any variety, such as peanut, almond, cashew or even sunflower seed butter). Then add a little spice, a pinch of salt and you’re on your way…

I would love to hear what combos you come up with, or what your favorites are!

xo Julie

Homemade Flavored Nut Butters

Here’s a few ideas:
Pistachio butter
Curried peanut or almond butter with sweet curry powder (my favorite is Penzey’s), golden raisins & a hint of agave
Almond butter with smoked paprika, crushed fresh garlic & cayenne
Cashew butter with candied ginger
Peanut butter with cinnamon and raisins
Hazelnut butter with chocolate
Pecan or walnut butter with a litte ground cinnamon
Peanut butter with cayenne and fresh crushed garlic

1. Combine nuts in food processor or strong blender, such as a Vitamix or Blendtec. Blend until the nuts become creamy, stopping and scraping the bowl or jar as necessary. Add a tablespoon or two of oil, if necessary, to help it blend. This might take a little while, but be patient.
2. If you don’t have the time or kitchen equipment to make homemade nut butter, you can cheat and use a store-bought almond or peanut butter. Flavor as desired.

Roast the nuts to boost their flavor, before you turn them into nut butter.

Nut butters often need a little oil. Start with a tablespoon or two. Add more as needed.

Sweeten with a touch of agave, if desired.


Homemade Nut Butter 
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