Catching Up

Can it really be almost February? Seriously, time is flying way too fast!

I apologize for slacking off with blogging. By mid-December, I was totally buried in work, between some exciting new projects, working on two books simultaneously and our food cart. Then, just as I was successfully juggling everything and making great progress and head-way, I got some darned flu-like virus that was going around. Seriously, the timing sucked! I never get sick, but, apparently, that didn’t seem to matter to the virus. Plus, I am a terrible patient. I have no idea how to just chill, rest and take it easy. I had no choice in the matter though, and came to realize that I was going to have to rest and relax if I wanted to get better. My body was not moving off the couch, no matter how much I tried to muster up the energy, except maybe to walk 10 feet to the kitchen to refill my tea pot. And the silver lining in all of this? I got to really, truly, relax and enjoy my kids’ winter break with them, just chilling, playing games, hanging out, doing a little sewing, and seeing movies. I had a blast, and wouldn’t trade that time for anything! I forget sometimes that it’s okay to give myself permission to just relax and have some fun.

So my theme for this year is fun. And taking time to smell the roses. And getting outside more. In between all the work projects. Thankfully, I really love what I do! If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would keep doing everything that I do (but with a very plush bank account, no less). Oh, one can dream; )

So, moving forward, I am super excited about this year. There are all kinds of fun and exciting things brewing. For starters, my Vegan Pizza book will be released this Fall! I can’t wait to share all of the delicious pizza recipes with you. We’re working hard now on all of the edits before it goes to print. Then, next up, I’m coming out with a line of gluten-free, vegan cake and dessert mixes. I will share more details as I have them. Right now we’re working on the packaging, and I am over the moon with excitement!

I’m also working on my vegan casserole book, which will come out Fall of 2014. Lots of healthy, delicious twists on everyone’s favorite casseroles (plus lots of new ones too). Now I just need my taste-testers to move back home, so I don’t have to eat them all myself.

So that’s what’s cooking around here. I am now back to regular blogging, because you know what? I really do love to blog, share recipes, and visit with all of you. Thank you for taking the time to come visit. I know how busy life can get, and I just want to say thanks!

xo Julie

p.s. in case you’re wondering what the chocolate chocolate chip cookie photo above has to do with this post, it is a recipe that I am working on and will share soon. They are so good, and can be made gluten-free or with regular wheat flour. How’s that for a convertible recipe?!

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