No-Cook Avocado Recipes That Are Perfect For The Summer Heat

This is the video from yesterday’s TV segment on AM Northwest. I made two delicious (and easy!), no cook avocado recipes. The recipes also happen to be heart healthy, vegan, gluten-free and great for summer entertaining or a healthy lunch. Plus, California avocados are on sale right now at our local grocery stores for about […]

Killer Cherry Brownie Ice Cream Sundaes!

  I am so excited to be a guest blogger over at the VeegMama blog today, and share a recipe for this delicious sundae made with homemade cherry chocolate chunk ice cream (and brownies)! I worked on that ice cream recipe for weeks until I got it down. Can I just say that it’s my […]


  Have you ever bared your soul, only to panic the next moment that you revealed too much? That’s how I felt today. I’m so used to just blogging about food. I’m definitely not used to talking about myself, especially in such a personal way. I am going to hope that this is a good thing. Although […]

Life Re-Boot, Or Making Time To Do The Things You Love To Do

  I should just call this post “taking time to smell the roses,” but truthfully I feel like I’ve pushed the “reboot” button. I had been on that never-ending treadmill ride, the particular one of the entrepreneur/freelancer/writer/chef/mom. My normal. Where coffee is your drug of choice. That thing you do in the morning and afternoon […]